Our Scope

Our goal is to give you more than you expected but all you dream of, by transforming outdoor spaces from ordinary into extraordinary.


Rooftops Created to Be Unique Experiences.

We'll create a retreat that's an oasis, working within existing structural features, and delivering real value within budget. We create everything from rooftop destinations featuring your own uniquely private views to rooftop playing fields and playgrounds, but there is so much more. From an intensely intimate adult sanctuary and escape to an amazing rooftop home theater redefining movie night, at PITCH we're never troubled by limitations, we simply overcome them. Outdoor spaces on your terms, welcoming each new project as a creative challenge and opportunity.


Backyards that Are as Unique as You Are

It's not just any backyard, it's your backyard. Our approach is to make it as remarkable as its owner. To do it, we begin from its foundation, to create everything a family could ask for and more. A place where family gatherings are hosted with pride, kids of all ages can play to their hearts content, the surrounding urban background becomes an overpowering contributor to its ambience, and every touch from landscape artistry to your own fanciful touches, become part of your vision of the natural, urban world on your terms, rendered your way.


Terraces and Decks That Make Design Statements

We'll go the extra distance to create a unique enhancement to your home. What is only hints at what might be. We've taken existing terraces and transformed them into rooftop playgrounds, entertaining destinations complete with lounges, fire features and even putting greens and some with retractable roofs. Spaces that make the most of your days, and with views that truly come alive at night. From a unique private destination to a seamless extension of your indoor living space, decking, fencing and lighting create both urban presence and seclusion when you want it.

Let's Do Something Amazing Together!