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Creating Your Rooftop Oasis: Turf versus Grass

By Pitch

February 23, 2019

Sunlight is a hot commodity in the city of Chicago. With our cold winters and short summers, we make the best of every warm day that we can. When the snow melts and the days get longer we start imagining getting outside, firing up the grill and basking in the glory of the much celebrated Chicago summer.

Backyards and rooftops become the center of the universe for many Chicagoans but the reality of those harsh winter months can quickly douse some cold water on those dreams. Seasons can change quickly and our lawns may not be as eager to bounce back as we are. Long shadows from tall buildings can mean little to no sun for much of the day leading to patchy, dead or yellow grass that’s slow to grow — if it grows at all. Erratic weather patterns can give us a beautiful spring day in early March but the yard still looks like it’s the dead of winter. We desperately want to get outside but when we do, we realize Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on our precious play space.

We love grass just as much as you but maintaining a grass lawn can be tricky, and depending on your circumstances, sometimes nearly impossible. When the sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds and you start to peek out your window, it’s time to start thinking about turf.

U.S.-manufactured turf has made significant strides in the past years. Not many people know that synthetic grass manufacturers are now turning to recycled materials to produce natural looking and feeling turf. Combine that with reduced water waste and savings from not needing to turn on the hose and you have a product that is not only green in color but for our planet as well.

Many of our clients are also thrilled at the lack of maintenance required. Watering your lawn is not only wasteful it’s also time-consuming. Fertilizing and seeding your lawn is a complicated and sometimes fruitless process. All of this time and work can yield little results with the obstacles that city living throws at us.

You’ll also never have to drag a lawn mower up the stairs of a three-flat or haul down bags of cut grass to your alley. And which trash bin do you put grass in any way? Turf is maintenance and headache-free alternative that lets you spend your time enjoying the outside instead of fighting it all summer long. From the first day of spring to the dog days of August, your lawn or rooftop deck will be lush, beautiful and ready for you to play — not a soggy, wet and yellow mess.

Living in Chicago presents challenges most cities will never face. We cherish our summer days in a way most will never understand. The second it’s here we realize that soon it will be gone. So let us help you make the most of your Chicago summer with a lawn that’s ready for you the moment you’re ready to step outside.

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